Wet Services

DABICO’s Wet Services have revolutionized the airport industry. Engineered in partnership with Aqseptence Group and Roediger Vacuum GmbH, DABICO system ensures wet services are provided through in-ground pits and eliminates the need of mobile GSE.

They present an innovative and modern servicing solution which has proved to be both economic and efficient in challenging sewerage projects throughout the world.

As a system specialist, DABICO offers turnkey solutions with a design based on two primary parts: a central treatment plant, (including potable / blue water generation and storage, and a sewage vacuum system); which is connected to in-ground pit systems located at the aircraft stand.



A central treatment plant where potable and blue water is generated and stored before distribution while vacuum pumps and tanks will extract the wastewater from the aircraft.

Sewage is discharged from the aircraft by vacuum and subsequently either collected in storage tanks or discharged directly in the airport or municipality network.

Potable and blue water is distributed to each aircraft parking position through underground pipes from the central wet services plant.

In-ground pits will be connected to the aircraft by the ground-handling team via flexible hoses stored into the pit. Aircraft industry has standardized the connectors which ensure a standard system approach.


In-ground wet services pits

The 3 wet services will be delivered through 2 in-ground pits located on the apron. The potable water is delivered through a hose located inside the in-ground PCA pit while sewage and blue water are serviced from a second pit located at the rear side of the aircraft.

Potable Water Plant

Central pumping station for potable water supply to the in-ground pits with recirculation and disinfection.

Main components: potable water tanks, chlorine dosing system, skid-mounted pressure boosting system, UV-disinfection plant with circulating pump.


Blue Water Plant

Central reserve plant with mixing and pumping station for the supply of blue water to the pits located on the apron with 2% flushing agent.

Main components: Barrel pump, level sensors, mixing vessel and hydrostatic level measurement units with automatically operated gate valves.

Vacuum Sewage station

Central vacuum station ensures the waste water from the plan are extracted from the aircraft via a hose mounted inside the pit located on the apron and then drained into the vacuum pipe network and then conveyed to a central vacuum pumping station.

Main components: Vacuum tank, rotary claw vacuum pumps, sewage discharge pumps, pressure and level measurement.