DABICO Airport Design Services (CADS) specialises in Airport Electrical & Mechanical Design Services.

We design advanced, specialised systems for airports and MRO hangars including 400Hz, PCA, wet services, fuel hydrant and tank farm systems.

DABICO high quality consulting services focus on in-ground and above ground GSE systems leading the way of modern airport ground handling operations and playing a fundamental role in bringing lower operational expenses, higher ramp safety levels and reduce carbon footprint.

We provide expert advice, making use of our extensive knowledge and experience, for contact gates, remote aprons and hangars to suit all types of operations and aircraft.  

This specialised division in the company has been developed based on strong market expectation to award experts in the field of airport systems, capable of designing turnkey solutions and integrating systems which require complex interfacing and coordination.

In-house capabilities

Talented airport experts providing clients smart designs for contact gates and aprons to reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term operations.

OEM design expertise

Providing clients a design and performance guarantee at the aircraft connection points.

Application-centric focus engineering

System design to satisfy specified requirements of ground handling operations, ambient conditions, aircraft requirements with the broadest system offer (400Hz, PCA, Wet Services and fuelling).


Bringing together world-class solutions based on industry-leading technology in the fields of GSE and aircraft at airport and MRO facilities.