DABICO’s integrated airports solution - DABiConnect - reduces operational costs and increases efficiency and revenues.

Our integrated airports solution, DABICO DABiConnect, connects all GSE assets including GPU, PCA, Visual Docking Guidance Systems (VDGS), passenger boarding bridges, potable water systems, sewage and blue water systems, in-ground pit systems and other aircraft stand equipment.

DABiConnect is a cloud-based solution with enhanced cybersecurity that integrates with airport operator databases (AODB) and airport billing systems to enable automated billing for airlines. The technology monitors and records all operational parameters and actions of gate equipment for all aircraft. It is an innovative and powerful remote operations management solution that enables users to monitor real-time data and operational status remotely.

DABiConnect provides:

  • Geo-location, live operational parameters, fault warnings, diagnostics, real-time alarms or notifications
  • Storage of operational and maintenance history, service history management, breakdown service and AMC including online monitoring
  • Pre-alerts in line with OEMs’ recommended preventive/predictive maintenance schedules
  • Estimated costs, manpower and duration requirements on daily and weekly maintenance
  • Option to integrate with spare parts ordering based on O&M spare parts manual through existing ERP solution

DABiConnect is expandable to accommodate additional aircraft stands or equipment. Fully integrated and automated solutions including automatic billing for airlines, resulting in accurate billing and greater efficiency.

Our Predictive Analytics Solution (PAS) package provides notifications and equipment diagnostics, reducing downtime, improving reliability and reducing operational and maintenance costs.

DABICO has developed DABiConnect based on experience and data collected over four decades from airports worldwide.

DABiConnect enables:

  • Predictive maintenance, spare parts and resource management optimization
  • Maintenance based on actual equipment use
  • Improved reliability, reduced downtime
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of equipment performance using real-time and historical data
  • Failure analytics to automatically identify previous events and provide solutions to significantly reduce Mean Time To Repair
  • Minimum level of inventory and direct integration with ERP
  • Improved training of technicians and operators based on historical data and advanced diagnostics systems
  • Asset management and KPI-based personalized dashboards for different user groups
  • Smartphone and tablet operation
  • Integration with third-party equipment
  • Integration of multiple airports under one group