There are many differing views on how best to service a Military Aircraft, but the bottom-line is that it has to be done RELIABLY, EFFICIENTLY and in COMPLETE SAFETY.

Thanks to our strong commitment to quality combined with a strong SERVICE and support Network, DABICO’S SYSTEMS are widely used at many Military Installations around the world.


Working for the military means having your systems put through the most rigorous testing in the world. Equipment needs to works safely and efficiently at any time of the day or night, under the most extreme working conditions imaginable.

Main services we provide to the military:

  • Powering

DABICO systems such as Frequency converters, Motor Generators and ground powering systems used by the military organizations

  • Cooling

DABICO Pre-conditioned air systems, fixed or mobile, electrical driven are being used in order to cool Fighters, bombers, reconnaissance planes, fighter-bomber fighters and cargo planes.

  • Refuelling

DABICO refuelling solutions are commonly used for ground refuelling military aircrafts and helicopters but also tank trucks.