Utility Services


DABICO designs and manufactures pop-up and hatch pit systems that service aircraft at contact gates, remote parking areas and in MRO hangars. Our systems distribute 400Hz power, Pre-conditioned Air (PCA), potable and blue water, fuel and remove sewage.

Connected to DABICO 400Hz GPU or PCA, they ensure a safe, efficient and reliable powering and cooling of aircraft on the ground.

DABICO in-ground systems are either used in combination with our tunnel system, or placed in individual concrete chambers, which can be delivered precast or be cast on-site. An optional steel or fiberglass chamber eliminates most of the concrete work and assures quick installation. DABICO in-ground systems are equally suited for use in hangars.

All DABICO in-ground pit systems have an aircraft loading rate capacity based on Load Class EN 124 F900 and withstand the toughest working conditions. As environmentally friendly solutions, they help contribute to the CO2 reduction program at today’s modern airports.



DABICO Fladung’s Pop-up and hatch pits allow easy access to all service outlets, making servicing safe and efficient with the actual service points rising above apron level.

Pop-up and Hatch pits are rated Load Class EN 124 F900 and withstand the toughest working environments and are suitable for in and out door operation, hangar or remote parking. In-ground utility pits are being used for delivering 400Hz power, PCA, potable and blue water and removing sewage from the aircraft. All those services can be operated by one single ground handling operator. For an A380 position, only 4 pits will be required for providing those five services.

In-ground pits have been recognised as the most efficient and safe way to service aircraft on the ground and prevent damages to aircraft due to potential mobile Ground Service Equipment collision with the aircraft.



When using a full-scale tunnel system with hatch or Pop-up pit systems from DABICO, all essential ground support services are available close to parked aircraft. This improves not only operational efficiency, but also reduces environmental impact.

With the introduction of double-deck, wide-body aircraft such as the Airbus A380, existing supply systems are no longer sufficient, creating even more challenges in terms of space, costs and efficiency. Our tunnel system offers a long-term solution to these challenges, because it allows the inclusion of additional services in the future.