400Hz Power

DABICO has been at the forefront of innovative 400Hz systems for 50 years.

The Group is a leading 400Hz system specialist, with a broad range of 400Hz Point of Use solutions including advanced Solid State Frequency converters, rectifiers, and 400Hz Central Systems with Motor Generators (MG). Our system offering is completed with powerful 400Hz distribution systems such as our 400Hz pits and coilers that deliver the required power through 400Hz jet cables and plugs.

More than 10,000 Dabico 400Hz systems are installed worldwide. Our equipment has been in operation at international hubs, in the harshest of environments for many years. And today, our systems meet the exacting power requirements of new generation aircraft (A380, A350, and B787 Dreamliner).

One-stop shop

DABICO engineers 400Hz systems that can be either based on Point of Use (PoU) or Central systems.

400Hz PoU GPU: DABICO's advanced 2500+ series is designed to global standards for a global market: a single product that meets the needs of airports, airlines and ground handling companies, and in fixed or mobile configurations. It can also be integrated with a 400Hz coiler called the DABICO 2500+ PowerPack I-Connect.

400Hz Central GPU: DABICO central systems are based on the advanced Rotary Vertical Assembly (RVA) series engineered with standard 400Hz output voltages.

Engineered with DABICO distribution panels and gate boxes that represent a unique solution when designing central 400Hz systems.

400Hz GPU – Solid State Frequency converter

Series 2500+ - The ultimate 400Hz ground power unit engineered for Point of Use system designs. The GPU is NGA Ready (New Generation Aircraft - A380, B787, A350), ISO6858 Ready and delivers 90kW (PF1 continuous load) and up to 500% overload at 60°C (140°F) ambient conditions.


DABICO 400Hz PowerPack

DABICO 400Hz PowerPack is a modern and efficient offering from DABICO which provides a compact solution to power a parked aircraft in any possible stand configuration: under the Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB), fixed ground mounted, towed mobile or self driven mobile. The unit includes the 400Hz converter 2500+ and 400Hz Cable Coil M28 in one frame. The PowerPack is designed suitably for any worldwide input voltages and frequencies, without the need for adjustments or modifications. The PowerPack is NGA ready and boasts a robust and ergonomic design; which includes features like smart plug-in and motorised cable coiler by default.

400Hz GPU – Rotary Motor Generator

Series RVA – Engineered for central 400Hz systems, motor-generator frequency converters meet all power requirements of the latest commercial and military aircraft as well as 400Hz avionics, missile, and radar equipment.



400Hz - In-ground pits

Series Hatch or Pop-up - In-ground 400Hz Pop-up & Hatch pit systems serve as user friendly storage device for 400Hz jet cable and plug (up to 4) and other facilities, such as 50/60Hz outlets. Located very close to the aircraft 400Hz receptacles they are the optimum solution for shortening the APU use at the parking position.

400Hz coilers

Series MC – 400Hz modular coilers are motorised reeling systems fixed either under the PBB or on the ground. They ensure a fast and ergonomics reeling and storage of the 400Hz aircraft cable and plug resulting in a longer life cycle of them.



400Hz caddies

Series Caddies – DABICO caddies are mobile manual or battery driven carts equipped with or without a 400Hz Solid State Frequency converter. They can either be used as a cable extender when connected to a converter or as a mobile electrical 400Hz GPU when equipped with a converter. They provide a unique mobile zero emission solution for airports.

400Hz jet cables and plugs

We build customised designs for 400Hz plugs and jet cables available in multiple configurations and materials according to the selected 400Hz system in which they are integrated (E.g. Cable coiler or 400Hz in-ground pits). DABICO 400Hz plug are in-house engineered with changeable nose and contacts for a longer life time and reduced maintenance expenditure.


400Hz Jet Cable Friend

Need a hand? – Cable Friend!
a revolutionary motorized Solution for pulling cables out of your pits!

  • The motor driven “400 Hz Jet cable Friend” is installed at the Jet cable outlet of the pit system to help to move out the Jet cable from in-ground chamber.
  • Existing installations can be retrofitted with this ingenious system in a very short time.
  • Special Package Product + Installation, ask your account responsible to get your offer.