400 Hz-eGPU

Faster, Longer, Smarter

Dabico 400Hz eGPU is a battery powered 400Hz / 90kva converter used to power parked aircrafts at;

  • Gate stands
  • Remote stands
  • Hangars

Charge faster, Last longer and Work smarter

Charge faster
from 1,30 hours

Last longer
up to 11 hours of operation resulting in 14 turnarounds for standard Code C Aircraft in single charge.

Work smarter

  • Connected (Wifi, 5G, integration in customer network and monitoring system)
  • Designed for easy operation and maintenance
  • Charging while Servicing an Aircraft
  • Operating temperature range of -30 to +56°C
  • Greater overall efficiency from mains to aircraft

Key Benefits

  • CO2 + NOX emissions free
  • Virtually noise-free
  • Reduces the Environmental impact
  • Reduced risk of Human Health
  • Faster charging
  • Longer Discharging
  • Ease of operation
  • Ease of service
  • Less Operating cost and quick Return of Investment
  • Total Solution with Power Station Hub
  • Designed to operate wider ambient temperature

CO2 and NOX emissions free + low noise

The emission-free 400Hz-eGPU will replace 400Hz diesel generators GPU and help airports become CO2 and NOX emission neutral and noise free.

Human Health

CO2 and NOX emissions free at the point of use and virtually noise- free, therefore much better working environments for ground staff:

  • Reduced risk of heart and circulatory diseases
  • Reduced risk of pulmonary diseases
  • Reduced noise level overall at the airport


Smarter e-GPU can be bought as an asset or can be subscribed.

Flexible Monthly Subscription can Include:

  • The e-GPU Unit
  • Yearly Maintenance
  • Dabiconnect

Subscribe today by messaging your Account Manager

Dabico 400Hz-eGPU saves costs and fossil energy

  • The 400Hz-eGPU saves significant cost of operation compared to a diesel-powered GPU
  • The 400Hz-eGPU saves fossil energy if powered by green electricity
  • Higher efficiency compared to Diesel GPU
    • Diesel GPU 40–42%
    • Dabico 400Hz-eGPU above 90%
  • Less maintenance compared to a Diesel GPU

Faster Charging & Longer Discharging

Discharging time depends on the load of the aircraft.

140kWh battery pack

  • Up to 9 turnarounds or 7 hours depends on the Aircraft Load for Code C Aircraft (A320/B737)

140kWh battery pack with 400V power supply

140kWh battery pack with 480V power supply

210kWh battery pack

  • Up to 14 turnarounds or 11 hours depends on the Aircraft Load for Code C Aircraft (A320/B737)

210kWh battery pack with 400V power supply

210kWh battery pack with 480V power supply

Key Data

  • Input: 400–480V +/-15%; 50–60Hz; 3Ph + E
  • Output: 200/115V; 400Hz; 90kVA
  • Charging: Possible with 16–125A (adjustable)
  • Power rate: 140–210kWh (depending on battery pack Type), Soon with 70kWh till 280kWh
  • Operation temperature: -30°C to 56°C with heating/cooling
  • Signal/status lights: Operation / Charging / Battery status
  • Charging the unit while servicing an aircraft
  • NBPT with auxiliary eGPU possible
  • Forklift shoes for loading / unloading
  • Protection class: IP55
  • eGPU is equipped with built-in charger, which could be pro- gramed to select maximum available current at charging station.

50/60Hz power supply

Benefits for Operators

  • Mobile Unit – Powers the Aircraft wherever require
  • It’s independent – highest flexibility of use and easy for operation
  • Charging the unit while servicing an aircraft
  • Status and Signal lights for easy indetification of 400Hz-eGPU
  • Large flap/opening for 50/60Hz power supply & 400Hz Jetcable
  • It is possible to connect a backup eGPU in case the connected eGPU battery is close to depletion and do a NBPT (No-Break- Power-Transfer) without aircraft service interruption
  • User friendly HMI for easy operation
  • Additional protection for HMI with rain flap
  • Chargeable from any existing power supply infrastructure

Towbar to move the eGPU

Benefits for Service

  • Less maintenance compared to Diesel GPU
  • Designed for very robust / harsh environmental conditions.
  • Components are selected suitable for wider range of ambient conditions, which enables to operate in all global Airports.
  • All parts are easily changeable and maintenance friendly
  • Forklift shoes for easy loading / unloading

Connectivity; technical data of connectivity

  • MoDBUS protocol Connectivity options:
    • Connect to any WiFi system
    • Connect to any cellular network (3G, 4G, 5G)
    • All WiFi gateways available
  • GPS positioning
  • Able to integrate with DABiConnect


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